The 5 Best New Songs We Heard This Week: Angel Haze, Against Me!


We’re almost there. A few more days. And then everyone can sleep for a week. (Well, everyone except your diligent Flavorwire editors, who’ll be here over the Christmas/New Year period.) But anyway! The point is that we’re nearly at the end of the year, the amount of music being released is negligible, and yet there are still at least five tracks that surfaced this week that are worth hearing. They await you after the jump, and involve Angel Haze (of course), along with another new Against Me! track, Tears for Fears covering Animal Collective (seriously), some unreleased Four Tet, and a load of Clams Casino instrumentals.

Angel Haze — “A Tribe Called Red”

In case you missed it, Angel Haze has had quite a week — she lambasted her record company on Twitter for dragging its feet on her album release, leaked the album herself, took it down half an hour later, and then announced it’s now being released on December 30. Well played. From what I managed to hear before it was expunged from the Internet, the album sounds excellent — and anyway, until it gets released properly, we still have this coruscating track, which was officially released earlier this week.

Against Me! — “Black Me Out”

Laura Jean Grace and co. are back, and they’re angry. This is the second taste of the long-awaited Transgender Dysphoria Blues, and it finds Grace in combative mood: “I wanna piss on the walls of your house/ I wanna chop those brass rings off your fat fucking fingers!”

Tears for Fears — “My Girls”

As in, yes, the Animal Collective song. I’m as confused as you are. It’s pretty good, though.

Four Tet — “101112”

Earlier this week, Four Tet released a shitload of previously unheard tracks to celebrate reaching 100,000 Twitter followers (you can download them all for free here). This one is a glitchy dance-floor-friendly piece of abstraction, and it’s carrying us through the last hours of Friday afternoon.

Clams Casino — Instrumentals Vol 3

And finally, the third volume of Clams Casino’s instrumental series! For free download now! Get them here! Go!