Cozy and Contemporary Forts for Winter Hibernation


In our very transparent culture, privacy and solitude sometimes feels like it’s at a premium. Designers have tapped into our need for getting away from it all right in the comfort of our own homes. These contemporary, fort-like furniture pieces remind us of our childhood when it was a lot easier hide from the rest of the world. Bring your blankets, and get to snuggling in these cozy, contemporary forts.

The Hush by Freyja Sewell transforms from a wooly nest into a foldable fort. Bonus: it’s made from biodegradable materials.

Erkko Aarti’s Lyhty (“lantern”) was designed to combat Finland’s dark winter months. A light built into the frame of the geometric fort creates an inviting glow.

An indoor treehouse fort for those chilly nights when you’re dreaming about sleeping under the stars.

Designer Carlo Ratti Associati teamed up with contemporary Italian furniture maker Cassina for a set of futuristic, digitally fabricated pieces. They combine to create a number of stylish, but comfortable furniture objects – including these fort-like formations.

The Blandito is a flexible fort that can be buttoned up into different soft structures that hug your body and hide you from the world for a while.

Guziko-pętelki! was created by Polish designer Ola Mirecka and is marketed as a soft “playground” — but there’s no reason an adult can’t enjoy it. Each cushion has 10 buttons and loops so they can be connected in a number of configurations or attached to other objects.

This massive, inflatable fortress, part of the exhibition Designworld in the Design Museum of Helsinki, is soft enough for snuggling, but sturdy enough to cocoon yourself for days.

The Moody Nest is an updated nest-like sofa that transforms into an adult-friendly blanket fort.

Prague studio Kumeko designed The Snug, which is a modern sack fashioned to look like a tiny, brick fortress. The jersey and wool structure is adjustable and made to offer adults a secret hideaway that reminds them of childhood fun.

The Mangas Space collection is a set of modular, patchwork sofa pieces, which are the perfect blocks to build the sweater-style fort of your dreams.

You can reconfigure Kei Harada’s squishy Marshmallows Sofa into a fort that feels like you’re hiding inside of a cloud.

The Sur Ciel Cloud-Chair allows you to become a fort as it swaddles you in blankety yumminess. The plush chair has armholes and a hood, making it the ultimate Snuggie.

Matt Gagnon’s Knit Fort can be enjoyed outdoors during the warmer months, or indoors when the chill gets to be too much. The plantation-grown teak and reclaimed wood is “knit” with rubber cord. The lattice design allows plenty of light in without sacrificing privacy.