The GOP Gets a Makeover:


Liberals, start your fuming. The recently redesigned is an excellent place to go to in order to become even more enraged. For conservatives, it’s a nice vacation from the elite media. Bleeding hearts everywhere will love the fact that their inaugural post was about Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize. Here’s hoping Sarah Palin guest blogs.

Our favorite area of the site targets the young crowd — GOP Faces. Here, they have everyday Republicans with their pictures uploaded and a small quote about why they decided to become a Republican. Many of them have to do with personal freedom, small governments, guns, and the like. It’s interesting to look at the racial make-up of the featured faces, with a black face in the mix every 10 or so pictures. A nice way for the GOP to say, African-Americans can vote for us too!

You get the drift.

The Republican Heroes section continues the new look of the GOP. Ronald Reagan is prominently featured on the first page, but he’s right beside Octavius Catto, who they point out was:

instrumental in Pennsylvania’s ratification of the 15th Amendment, which extended voting rights to African-Americans. Many Democrats resented him for it, and on Election Day in 1871, a crony of the city’s Democratic Party boss gunned down Octavius Catto as he walked home from voting.

The Democrats did it! The whole list of heroes paints Republicans as the purveyors of racial equality.

Along those same lines, Michael Steele adds his juxtaposed ideas of Republican values and street slang with What up?, an area of the site where he addresses his Republican supporters and asks them what they are up to. Presumably, he asks them in that great Dave Chappelle white guy voice and steers them to a new Republican party that actually cares about the impoverished minorities of America.