M.I.A Flips Roc Nation the Bird: Links You Need to See


It’s been a long and dull few days for us, filled with compulsive internet checking, endless Netflix marathons, and an almost abhorrent amount of peanut brittle. All this is to say we’re glad to be back amongst civilized folk, sharing our favorite internet tidbits! So welcome to 2014, friends, where there’s no such thing as hate-clicking — just lovely longreads, interviews, and slideshows that give you the warm fuzzies. For now.

M.I.A is giving Roc Nation, her management company of 18 months, the old heave-ho. [ Rolling Stone ]

Cartoonist Vishavijit Singh dresses as Captain America, challenging religious and racial stereotypes along the way. [The Atlantic]

Chiara DeBlasio is everyone’s favorite DeBlasio. [The Gloss]

Benedict Cumberbatch: A Retrospective [BuzzFeed]

Your hope for an all-internet TV service is dead. [The Verge]