Rashida Jones Bares Her ‘Claws’: Links You Need to See


If you’re as lucky as we are, you are currently at home tucked in your bed with a nice hot beverage, avoiding the great snowy outdoors. If you’re slightly less lucky, you’re at your desk wishing you could teleport home rather than commute through a frozen tundra. Either scenario, you’re plopped in front of a computer screen and ready for some reading materials, so here goes:

These two musical teens are giving Beyoncé a run for her money. This might actually be the most epic cover song of all time. [Refinery29]

What would The Wolf of Wall Street have been like if it were told through the eyes of a female broker? [Bitch Magazine]

The president of France might have some trouble with basic motor skills. [Neatorama]

Everyone’s favorite imaginary bestie, Rashida Jones, just sold a new series to HBO. [Hollywood.com]