Today in Semi-Coherent Celebrity Declarations: Links You Need to See


Whether you’re already trapped in the polar vortex or waiting for it to touch down and ruin your life / give you frostbite, today’s links will… not keep you warm at all. But they’ll at least keep you entertained, so that’s something.

Lady Gaga gives a semi-lucid apology to fans that’s sort of about R. Kelly, but may not be. [ Rolling Stone ]

Martin Amis paid tribute to author — and his former stepmother — Elizabeth Jane Howard. [DailyMail Online]

The Ladydrawers Comics Collective has begun a series of strips about how to talk about comics that’s great for novices and diehards alike. [Bitch Magazine]

Take a look at Column A and then look at the impeccable Saul Bass image in Column B. Now, can anyone tell us why movie posters no longer look like Column B? [Geekosystem]

Lastly, here’s everything you need to know about the newest Sherlock villain. []