In Memorium: @courtneylover79


Courtney Love’s abused and abusing Twitter feed has up and disappeared!

Bidding adieu to the “ghost town” that is MySpace back in July, Love has spent the past few months blowing up our Twitter feeds with eccentric rambles, vitriolic messages for her disciples and, well, more rambling. Held back by neither societies norms nor Twitter’s 140-character limit, Love’s Twitter feed was, like everything else she does, wildly-unhinged and pure-gold.

Between Miley’s (well put) jumping of ship last week and now this, it seems like celebrities might be retreating to a quieter, every day life. But Love’s got a lot to say, and while she’ll never be held slave to a medium (or the law), it’s unlikely she’ll slip away quietly either — it shouldn’t be long until she resurfaces somewhere. Meanwhile, her daughter Frances Bean seems content to keep the Love family spirit alive and well. [via Vulture]