Fox Besting ABC on Sunday Night


Recently released numbers for network television on Sunday night had a small surprise in the top spot for the last few weeks. According to The Live Feed Desperate Housewives’ reign at the top is coming to an end. Replacing it in the top spot? Seth McFarlane’s popular (and Emmy-nominated) series, Family Guy. Twice now.

What’s even more impressive: Family Guy airs against NBC Sunday Night Football, a show whose audience is tailor-made for McFarlane’s pop culture-infused scatological cartoons. ABC’s Desperate Housewives doesn’t have to compete for the football audience and they’re still losing out to Family Guy. McFarlane’s new spin-off and the lead in, The Cleveland Show, might be what is bolstering Family Guy‘s numbers, but for now it’s too early to tell.

Watch the pilot for that below.

Does this mean that more people are interested in poop jokes from cartoons than they are for suburban infidelity? Or is Family Guy becoming more mainstream as McFarlane continues to add to the Fox Cartoon juggernaut? A certain abortion episode would suggest no, but for now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

On a related side note, check out this Family Guy-inspired corn maze. Proof that this fan base is insane.