Goosebump-Inducing Artwork Inspired by R.L. Stine


R.L. Stine did a great job of spooking an entire generation of kids who are mostly grown up now, but can still recall reading entries from his Goosebumps series with a flashlight, long after all the lights had been turned out in the house. His massive influence probably has something to do with the fact that in the 1990s, Stine published 62 books under the Goosebumps heading alone. The new zine Monster Edition, which features over 40 artists contributing work inspired by that series, is proof that Stine’s creepy tales will stay popular for a long time. Click through to preview a selection of images from the zine.

The Girl Who Cried Monster by Taryn Gee

The Werewolf of Fever Swamp by Jenn Woodall

You Can’t Scare Me by John Lang

The Haunted Mask by Trevor Henderson

How I Got My Shrunken Head by Natali Martinez.

Revenge of the Garden Gnomes by Erik Svetoft