LEGO Unveils Its ‘Simpsons’ Collection


LEGO often takes recognizable characters and turns them into broad-chinned, plastic-wigged and, frankly, physically ineffectual (is YOUR Harry Potter LEGO lithe enough to rescue Fleur Delacour’s sis from a gaggle of Grindylows? I think not) imitations of their human selves. Since news broke of the upcoming release of a LEGO Simpsons House, America has (maybe) been atwitter with concern about the Simpsonian translation to LEGOdom: will the toy company do justice to Marge’s brawny blue beehive? Will Homer’s potbelly be protuberant enough to capture little LEGO donut crumbs? Will this new toy teach Simpsons-philistines like myself that there’s simply more to it all than blue beehives and donut crumbs?

We need no longer fear: LEGO has, with the Simpsons House, achieved an unparalleled level of verisimilitude, without sacrificing the boxy “otherness” of l’être-LEGO. These high-resolution photos of the $199.00 family (complete with complimentary Ned Flanders!) released on Collider show that the marriage between LEGO and The Simpsons, is, indeed, quite functional (enacting a healthy system of reciprocity, FOX will be airing a LEGO episode of The Simpsons in May to accompany the May release of the minifigures).