Incredible Homes with Secret Rooms and Passageways


Secret passageways and hidden rooms aren’t just for Scooby-Doo villains and mysterious millionaires. Homeowners and apartment dwellers are creating their own creative, covert spots that are perfect places for reading, hanging out, playing, and pretending that the outside world doesn’t exist. Here are a few moveable bookshelves, stealthy staircases, and sliding walls that reveal secret living quarters.

Vlad Mishin designed this modern, sculptural wall divider, which unfolds to reveal a kitchen. Part of the screen rotates to form an entertainment area and opens into a space that leads you to the bedroom, office, and bathroom.

A secret, sunken dining area for space-saving, snuggly entertaining.

An unassuming bookshelf that becomes a door and opens to reveal a passageway with more bookshelves filled to the brim? Yes, please.

A gorgeous, subterranean spiral staircase that functions as a wine cellar.

A true cabinet of curiosities (faux wardrobe) that hides a Narnia-esque playroom beyond its doors.

Illusional color blocking and pine detracts attention from this secret, sunlit room.

Sleep in the bedroom behind these stylish sliding doors.

The golden glow of this hidden staircase passageway is calling us.

A covert sauna you can escape to in your very own bathroom.

A whimsical bookcase that unfolds like your favorite storybook.

Read about the hidden rooms (including a bedroom that descends from the roof) in this reality TV star’s apartment, all operated by mechanical moving parts. Very James Bond.

These rolling shelves, inspired by library stacks, are self-contained rooms in disguise.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a secret reading nook to curl up in.

Another room reveals itself behind this staircase with the click of a button.

For adventurous types, this pirate-themed bedroom boasts a secret lower level that is reachable by rope.

This adorable fold-out, pop-up home conceals areas with colorful, sliding panels, trap doors, and ceilings that hide economical living spaces.