New Moon Soundtrack Pushed Up to Friday


MTV News is reporting that the New Moon soundtrack is being pushed from its original release date, October 20, to this Friday, October 16. The movie still isn’t set for release until November 20, more than a month after the soundtrack comes out, but we’re guessing this in response to a track leak that occurred over the weekend.

Whatever the reasoning behind it, vamp lovers everywhere are positively ecstatic that they are going to get longer than a month to memorize the lyrics to every song. They’re even planning listening parties at Hot Topic. We just hope that there aren’t any massive riots in stores on Friday. Translation: We won’t be picking up our copies at Wal-Mart.

In other Stephenie Meyer-related insanity, HuffPo tipped us off to a fan-made trailer for Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final book in the Twilight series. It has over 10 million views and over 20,000 comments.

While generating some wild rumors, the film version of that book has not been green-lit yet. That said, Robert Pattinson is definitely on board. Yeah, we don’t understand it either.