Flavorpill’s Official 2014 Golden Globes Drinking Game


We have complete faith that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will once again be incredible hosts for this year’s Golden Globes ceremony. What better way to enjoy the celeb-filled pomp than to grab a boozy beverage and drink along with us? The weird, wild, and wacky exploits of Hollywood’s brightest (and drunkest) await us at 8PM ET tonight — and so do these rules for our drinking game.

Take a drink whenever…

Someone heckles Steve McQueen.

Jennifer Lawrence trips, photobombs someone, or flips the bird.

Amy takes a drink, because she said so.

You see a gown with sleeves, because Tina said so.

The camera cuts to Tom Hanks for a reaction shot, and then do five pushups (so you can get ripped), because Tina said so.

Bryan Cranston speaks, and then do “a touch” of meth, because Amy said so.

Finish your drink if…

Someone mistakes Rush’s Chris Hemsworth and his hair for Brad Pitt. Finish two drinks if Al Pacino’s Phil Spector hair makes an appearance.

Amy Adams’ American Hustle cleavage wins all the awards for Gravity.

Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale trade weight loss tips or give each other the stink eye.

A talking head nerds out and asks Michael Fassbender about Star Wars.

You catch David O. Russell staring longingly at Martin Scorsese.

Stevie Nicks shows up to support American Horror Story: Coven. When you’re done, do a twirl.

Do a shot if…

Meryl Streep throws her drink in Tom Hanks’ face, mistaking him for Walt Disney. Do two shots if she brings the Inside Llewyn Davis cat, Ulysses, for her date.

Someone reads an open letter during their acceptance speech for The Wolf of Wall Street.

Someone (read: heterosexual bro-celeb) makes a crass joke about Blue is the Warmest Color.

Rob Lowe cosplays as his terrifying Dr. Startz in Behind the Candelabra. Do two shots if he torments the cast of Parks and Recreation.

A celeb fakes a British accent when discussing Downton Abbey.

Woody Allen shows up and makes everyone feel uncomfortable.

Finish the bottle if…

Pope Francis shows up to support Philomena.

Joaquin Phoenix makes out with his iPhone.

Aaron Paul calls someone a bitch — and means it.

Anyone mistakes Greta Gerwig for a Girls cast member.

The cast of House of Cards and Scandal seem a little too close for comfort. No one is safe. Finish two bottles if Veep’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus manages to overthrow them, gladiator-style.