The Real P.L. Travers Was Too Sassy for Hollywood: Links You Need to See


Golden Globes fatigue is sure to set in by tomorrow morning, but for today’s links, we’ve managed to find a few more tidbits worth checking out and marveling over.

Just in case you haven’t hit your Golden Globes saturation point, here’s Instagram’s best celebrity photos. And yes, that is Cate Blanchett possibly awaiting her smelling salts. [Crushable]

An MFA student recently turned Chicago into every typographer’s dream. [Huffington Post]

Not only was Saving Mr. Banks a smoldering pile of saccharine-filled fluff, but it also (but not unsurprisingly) opted to make P.L. Travers a spinster rather than the fascinating and adventurous queer lady she was. [Autostraddle]

Still confused about this year’s biggest films? Educate yourself: [Bitch]

Also, 1984 was a pretty awesome year for film. Find out which of your favorites have just turned 30. []