7 ‘Twin Peaks’-Inspired Restaurants Where You Can Live Out Your Lynchian Dreams


In the weeks since a mysterious casting call appeared online, rumors have been circulating that David Lynch is revisiting his cult show Twin Peaks. Co-creator Mark Frost has pretty much debunked the rumors, to the collective sighs of everyone who got their hopes up. You may not be getting more Agent Cooper or Audrey Horne, but you can celebrate Lynch’s perennially-popular television show — and his 68th birthday, which is next week — at one of these Twin Peaks-inspired restaurants from around the world (not to be confused with the Hooters-lite restaurant chain of the same name).

The Log Lady Cafe, Copenhagen, Denmark

Named for Margaret Lanterman’s infinitely catchier nickname, The Log Lady Cafe is a tattoo parlor-turned-Twin Peaks tribute. Fare includes coffee and cherry pie (obviously), but the decor only subtly references the series. As a nod to its namesake, the space is dotted with tree stumps — unfortunately, there’s no promises they’re clairvoyant. [Photos via Visit Copenhagen and Blogspot]

Mission Chinese Food, New York City

Though his restaurant is currently closed for a revamp, hipster chef Danny Bowien paid serious homage to Twin Peaks in the New York outpost of Mission Chinese Food. Besides a few cocktails named the One-Eyed Jack and the Great Northern, the bathroom is decorated with a framed photograph of Laura Palmer on the wall. But for actual Lynchian vibes, there’s also a jury-rigged iPod looping Twin Peaks‘ instrumental theme song while you pee. [Photos via Andrew Rowat]

Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, Oregon

This Portland-based restaurant and bar describes itself as a cross between Twin Peaks and “a chic cosmopolitan truck stop.” Take from that what you will, but the moody lumberjack vibes may be exactly the sort of schtick that a modern Ben Horne would go for. [Photo via Doug Fir Lounge]

The Black Lodge, Vancouver, Canada

The co-owners of this vegetarian restaurant didn’t set out to make a Twin Peaks-themed establishment, but “The Black Lodge” stuck when they were brainstorming names for their cabin-themed restaurant. There’s a photo of Laura Palmer on the bar and a Red Room-inspired restroom, but the woodsy theme is what really works in harkening that campy Twin Peaks feeling. [Photos via Welcome to Twin Peaks]

Bookhouse Pub, Atlanta, Georgia

While non-Twin Peaks fans would probably find the name innocuous, the Bookhouse Pub is named for the fraternal secret society that fights the Twin Peaks evil called the Bookhouse Boys. The stained glass windows and wooden fixtures take cues from the Great Northern’s decor, while an outdoor tiki bar called Dr. Jacoby’s Island serves inspired drinks like the Log Lady, the Audrey Horne, and an Agent Dale Cooper that’s made with espresso vodka. [Photos via Yelp]

Gainsbourg Lounge, Seattle, Washington

Gainsbourg Lounge was perhaps more inspired by Serge Gainsbourg than David Lynch, but the French bistro’s parlor directly cops the Red Room’s look. They also host “Twin Peaks Tuesdays,” which probably always feels thematic in the Pacific Northwest. [Photos via Yelp]

Twede’s Cafe, North Bend, Washington

This cafe is less “inspired,” more “Twin Peaks was actually filmed here.” David Lynch found the eatery while scouting for locations in Washington. Though the inside of the restaurant is unrecognizable now — there was a fire in 2000 that pretty much demolished the dark, campy environs — the outside of Twede’s Cafe is undeniably the Double R Diner. According to Yelp, the cherry pie is still incredibly delicious. [Photos via Wikimedia Commons]