Kanye West and Steve McQueen Had a Meeting of Minds: Links You Need to See


Happy Martin Luther King Day! Here are your links for the day, which you should definitely read because what else could you possibly be doing today?

Some folks are on Kickstarter trying to make a Cool Runnings sequel happen, and really this is only here because I prophesied it over a really gross Shepherd’s Pie last weekend and I like when my third eye is validated. [Geekosystem]

Who’s the better cartoon mom? Tina Belcher or Lois Griffin? [Hollywood.com]

The L Word debuted ten years ago today. [Autostraddle]

Kanye West and Steve McQueen sat down together for Interview and it’s a pretty epic conversation. [Interview]

Flowers in the Attic is still as cracked out as we expected and Kiernan Shipka is doomed to play severely damaged, mid-century teenagers. [Crushable]