Don’t Call It a Comeback: The Ghostbusters Theme Song


It has been a good week for Ray Parker Jr., a musician best known for writing and performing the Ghostbusters theme song back in 1984. First, Saturday Night Live‘s Keenan Thompson played him in a so-so skit entitled “Celebrity Ghost Stories” — a promo for a new reality show on the Biography Channel about celebrities’ interactions with the paranormal.

While we were pained by host Drew Barrymore’s really strange impression of Sharon Osbourne (where’s Amy Poehler when you need her), Thompson’s bit made us laugh out loud.

“Do you know what ghosts do not like? A hit song, boasting that you are not afraid of them. In order to prove me wrong, they decided to haunt my ass. Finally I had to say it. ‘I am afraid of a ghost.'”

Not so funny: Maureen Dowd’s weird shout out to the Ghostbusters theme song in today’s column. While she’s allegedly speculating about Dick Cheney’s hold music, the whole thing reads like she had a mini-stroke. It’s just awkward, like the nonsensical rhymes of an elderly person after copious amounts of drinking:

“If there’s someone weak, if you’ve sprung a leak, if the world looks bleak, if you hide and seek, who ya gonna call? OBAMABUSTERS!”

In fact, there’s only one related thing that we could find that makes us even sadder.

Yeah, that’s really Ray. He re-wrote the theme song and appeared in ads for the British directory assistance provider earlier this year. Don’t judge — an ’80s one-hit wonder’s got to eat.

[via Gawker]