Bill Cosby Is Back!: Links You Need to See


Patti LaBelle is a national treasure. Truly, if you’re looking for the ultimate queen of shade, start with Patti. She’ll give you life during these cold, cold days. As will today’s links. Maybe.

Have you ever watched Got2BReal on YouTube? If not, go do it now. We’ll wait… Now read this hilarious interview with Patti LaBelle and tell us Got2BReal doesn’t do her justice. [PrideSource]

Believe it or not, E.E. Cummings is the artist behind this adorable piglet. [BrainPickings]

In today’s daily dose of troublesome gender stereotypes, we’ve got this gem. [Refinery29]

Bill Cosby is coming back to NBC! [A.V. Club]

Bill Nye is heading to the Creation Museum to do battle against some loony creationists. [BlackBook]