The Flaming Lips Inspire a Maraca Shake From Conan


Wayne Coyne and company appeared on The Tonight Show last night to promote their new album Embryonic which came out yesterday. The Lips were fantastic as ever, spinning out “Watching the Planets,” the albums’ bombastic closer, to the steady beat of a huge, blinking gong.

Coyne never fails to please with his trippy antics, this time displaying ever-changing words on his palms and ending the song with a good roll on the floor. And yet… We miss the Lips shows of old, with Coyne floating skyward in plastic bubbles, though, we suppose there’s only so much you can do in an NBC studio.

Enjoy, and don’t miss Conan’s nerdy little thank you and maraca shake, which seem even more awkward juxtaposed with Coyne’s ineffable cool.

Conan dubbed their performance “killer.” So what do you think?