12 Amazing Author Selfies


As everyone knows, 2013 was the year of the selfie, something we’ve all groaned over, bemoaning the state of kids today. But selfies aren’t just for moody teenagers — they’re also employed by moody writers! Not to mention, it seems, just about everybody else. After the jump, secretly revel in a little collection of famous authors’ selfies, both vintage and recent, serious and totally goofy. And if any of your favorites are missing here, add ’em on in the comments. Can’t have too many selfies.

Allen Ginsberg in the mirror [via]

Adorable Emma Straub [via]

The never-ending George Saunders selfie [via]

An elegant shot of Neil Gaiman, by Neil Gaiman [via]

Chip Kidd and George R.R. Martin at San Diego Comic-Con. [via]

Jennifer Weiner in her closet [via]

Salman Rushdie and Patti Smith [via]

Stephenie Meyer at Sundance [via]

Roxane Gay! [via]

A very bundled Elizabeth Gilbert in a foreign land [via]

But of course: Tao Lin [via]

The much-missed David Rakoff’s final Facebook picture [via]