Pope Francis Is Both Liberal and Delicious: Links You Need to See


From a growing interest in trans issues to revisiting an obsession with France and its amorous ways, here are today’s links. Prepare to be enlightened.

Trans issues have been at the forefront of the cultural conversation today thanks to Janet Mock’s two appearances on the Piers Morgan show. Over at Crushable, they’re investigating trans issues through a surprisingly different (but still interesting) lens. [Crushable]

The French has always been known as an amorous bunch, yet their philosophies on love and marriage still manage to shock Americans. [Paris Review Daily]

What better way to celebrate the Holy See of Peter than with chocolate? [Gawker]

Photographer Adrian Chesser documented telling his friends and family of his recent AIDS diagnosis. The emotionally raw images are jarring yet beautiful, and worth a look. [Huffington Post]