An iPhone App of Philippe Starck-Inspired Sounds


The latest reason we wish we had an iPhone? 24 Hours: The Starck Mix, a free app tied to Wallpaper‘s Philippe Starck-edited October issue. The application provides a live stream of a 24-hour soundtrack, selected, arranged, composed and mixed by Soundwalk —a new media company known for their cutting-edge audio tours.

“According to me, sound is more important than music, it is a sort of physiological need,” Starck has said. “Soundwalk’s creations are extremely rich and sophisticated. They have the beauty and elegance of life. I listen to these tapes that take me far away, to a place where I want to go, because one should never forget that music is a territory.”

So what exactly does the app do? The starting point of the 24-hour mix is determined by what time it is in your time zone when you launch it. You can scroll forward or backward in the mix by changing time zones. Shaking your iPhone will cause the app to randomly play another section.

Don’t have an iPhone either? Listen to live streams on,, and