Your Weekend Cry: Links You Need to See


So here’s what we’ve figured out today: creepy animatronic animals are not the way to endear people to oppressive governments, Prince has changed his hair way more times than you have, and literacy and scotch should always go hand in hand. Happy weekend!

So, here’s what we know about the Winter Olympics: everything is broke-ass, they are hosted by a disturbingly repressive government, and the designated mascots are the embodiment of a terrible fever dream. [Crushable]

The real-life owner of the real-life inspiration for The Sopranos‘ Bada Bing! has turned mob rat (in real life). [Uproxx]

This South African scotch commercial will make you cry like a baby. [BuzzFeed Books]

File this video of the history of Prince’s coif under “Very Important.” [Kottke]

Orange Is the New Black is back in production, which means the show’s adorable Instagram account is posting new photos and videos! []