Valentine’s Day-Worthy Art Inspired by the Talking Heads


The fine folks at Land gallery in Portland are celebrating Valentine’s Day with some arty odes to love, inspired by the Talking Heads. If oversized business suits and avant-garde theatrics make your heart swell, the exhibition Love for Sale will call to you. From the Johnny Marr-backed “(Nothing But) Flowers” to the songs from David Byrne’s 1986 film True Stories, directed by the performer, these valentines reference all the greats from the band. Catch a preview of the show in our gallery, then head to the official website for more information.

Image credit: Emma Barnett

Image credit: Cortney Cassidy

Image credit: Tom O’Toole

Image credit: Andy J. Miller

Image credit: Murphy Phelan

Image credit: Dan Cassaro

Image credit: Gemma Correll

Image credit: Rose Blake

Image credit: Richard Perez

Image credit: Josh Boston

Image credit: Jessica Hische