14 Adorable Photos of Famous Authors Kissing (And Being Kissed)


Happy Valentine’s Day! Celebrate by getting yourself kissed today. Or, may we suggest finding a famous writer to smooch? In case you need a little inspiration (or just like to see writers making out), we’ve collected several adorable photos of famous authors in fond embraces, both vintage and quite recent.

Kurt Vonnegut kissing his first wife, Jane Cox. [via]

Chip Kidd and Neil Gaiman totally making out at the 2013 Eisner Awards [via]

And just for good measure: Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer [via]

Richard Avedon’s photo of Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky, 1963 [via]

Ray Bradbury feeling the love at a Hugh Hefner-hosted screening of Fahrenheit 451 [via]

Carson McCullers plants a kiss on Marilyn Monroe’s cheek. Isak Dinesen observes, 1959. [via]

And because Marilyn is just so kissable, here she is with then-husband Arthur Miller. [via]

Bret Easton Ellis is embraced by Irvine Welsh in Dublin, 1999. [via]

Obviously: Gary Shteyngart and James Franco in pink bathrobes. [via]

There are plenty of photos of Salman Rushdie kissing Padma Lakshmi, and that video where he nuzzles Scarlett Johansson, but you know about those. Here’s Leonard Cohen kissing Rushdie after the author introduced him at PEN New England’s 2012 Awards for Song Lyrics of Literary Excellence. Man, does Rushdie get to kiss the best people or what? [via]

Maya Angelou getting a kiss from Common on her 82nd birthday. [via]

Charles Bukowski (wearing a Charles Bukowski T-shirt) and Linda Lee. [via]

Henry Miller being thoroughly nuzzled in 1975. [via]

Irresistible: Truman Capote kissing his little bulldog, 1953 [via]