Tweance, the World’s First Twitter Séance, to Contact Michael Jackson


In a move that seems more abnormal than paranormal, British psychic Jayne Wallace has created Tweance, the world’s first Twitter-based séance. The interactive event will go down on Halloween. Her otherworldly target of choice: Michael Jackson.

While the micro-blogging tool has been used for a variety of ends in the past, including spreading audio buzz on #MusicMonday, the sideshow-worthy tweeting cat-flap, Moonfruit‘s genius Macbook giveaway publicity stunt, and famously propagating this summer’s Iranian protests, this is surely one of the oddest.

The event, sponsored by London-based costume shop Angels Fancy Dress, is encouraging its tweeters to suggest other celebrities who they would like to see message them from beyond. While people such as River Phoenix, Jim Morrison, George Washington the Duke of Windsor, and Houdini have also been nominated, it is Jackson who has received the most buzz.

Which isn’t surprising. Michael Jackson’s death on June 25 nearly broke Twitter’s every server and sent the interwebs into an uproar. The gloved legend himself didn’t “create” his own verified account until after his fatal heart attack. So, technically, if Twitter verified his account, it’s totally likely that Jackson’s lounging on Cloud 9 tweeting his little heart out. Perhaps Wallace has been DM-ing the pop star.

All kidding aside, this certainly marks a new point in bizarre-o Tweeting, don’t you think? (Or maybe you think it’s awesome. If that’s the case, tweet who you want to contact and your question to @tweance by October 30th.)