Will Ferrell Is Setting a Good Example: Links You Need to See


Love is both wonderful and strange, so as we head into Valentine’s Day, it’s only logical that we investigate the phenomenon. Well, a little. We investigated a little and then realized that Valentine’s Day is really boring and moved on to other stories. Now onward, dear reader:

Everything was fine — fine, I tell you! — before these TV couples decided to shack up and ruin everything. [Crushable]

Few things are as entertaining as Julia Child’s epic, lifelong romance. [The Frisky]

After the cult success of Bachelorette, Will Ferrell has decided to dip his toe in supporting female-helmed films. [A.V. Club]

In celebration of Winnie the Pooh’s birthday, enjoy this rare recording of A.A. Milne reading from his favorite Pooh book. [Brainpickings]