12 Design-Savvy Ways to Camp Indoors


Ah, the great outdoors. It can be a little intimidating for the uninitiated. There are bugs, bears, and masked serial killers to contend with. If camping sounds a bit too strenuous, and you prefer toasted marshmallows from artisan bakers in Brooklyn, here are a few ways to bring the outdoors inside to your humble, but stylish abode.

Sleep under the night sky without worrying about curious (hungry) wildlife. Russian designer Natalia Rumyantseva created the Cosmos Bed, complete with soothing audio system, therapeutic LED lighting, and aromatic dispensers, which promises to lull you into a starry dreamland.

Bring the outdoors in with this “camping” furniture series by Jesper K. Thomsen, made from molded beech, webbed leather, and a dash of camp — the hammy kind.

Gather ’round the campfire (minus those pesky bugs) with Cozy Bonfire from designers Eun Ah Kim, Moon Seon Hwoi, and Kwang Ku Jeong. This electric heater contemporizes firewood, and the pieces are portable so you can warm your hands wherever you go.

London-based designer Stephanie Hornig has created a super snuggly way to stay zipped up in a sleeping bag in the comfort of your own home. The Camp Daybed is the perfect way to rough it on the couch. From the designer:

I began to compare the life of a modern nomad with camping; it’s the feeling of simplicity and independence when we’re outside in nature that inspired me. The pieces are reminiscent of the outdoor world and retain their functional character, but are frozen in their movement: a sleeping bag on legs, a torch in a power strip made of stone, and an umbrella stand with a large tabletop.

Designer gomar created the indoor camping furniture set Charade, inspired by the nomadic lifestyle, made for those living in restricted environments. Each piece is simply constructed and uses materials like sailcloth and kite textiles. Assembly is a snap, and you can use all four pieces in a variety of ways.

Faux wood pillows are fairly popular, but why only buy a branch when you can have the entire stump? This handmade design from bebemoon will please your inner log lady.

A polished, sculptural log lounger by Jaehyo Lee. Discs of freshly cut wood and burnt wood make up the bodies of these striking furniture pieces.

Best Made has their enamelware lovingly fashioned using World War Two-era machinery from a European manufacturer. The plates and cups proudly display the company’s “X” design and compass rose. If you’re looking for dinnerware that’s stylish, sturdy, and worthy of a campfire meal for two, this is it. Best Made also makes pots for the gourmet camper.

The Piilo Indoor Tent by Markus Michalski is a private retreat for one.

Company Field Candy makes fun, designer tents. Their Fully Booked model has to be our favorite (for obvious reasons). The tents are safe for outdoor use, but if you’re dying to sleep inside an enormous book (who isn’t?), what’s stopping you from bringing this baby into the house?

Bluff City Pendant Lights will add utilitarian charm to your living space.

Don’t know any lumberjacks? Have no fear. You can own that rustic table of your dreams thanks to the designers at mthwoodworks. Modern function and style meets forest cottage with this lovely table. Learn more about the company’s use of wood on their website.