Stylish, Witty Posters Take Movie Titles Literally


As a teenager, one may remember visualizing their lascivious reinterpretations of Free Willy or The Human Stain, perhaps even having gone so far as to illustrate one or the other on a cafeteria napkin. Delhi-based artist Danish Ahmed has, in a similar but classier vein, extracted the double entendres of movie titles to make alternative, literal movie posters. These illustrations draw upon the fundamental strangeness of the titles; Milk and Salt, for example, are signifiers so cryptic that they seem to suggest movies about lactation as opposed to the struggles of a gay-rights activist or food as opposed to, say, Angelina Jolie. If you’ve ever felt duped by a movie title — perhaps you went to see Secondhand Lions because you love vintage fur, or Naked Lunch because you’re a nudist foodie looking for cinematic representation — flip through these posters (spotted via Fubiz) and know that you’re not alone.