Balloon Boy Songs: Download the MP3s


The Balloon Boy transfixed a nation yesterday, even after little Falcon was found hiding in the attic. Why? The story brought the imaginative adventure of Where the Wild Things Are to life for a bunch of people sitting glued to their TV and computer screens. And as the New York Press reports, it has even inspired the creation of two new songs by Paul Holmes of the Brooklyn-based band Paul and the Patients.

The first, “Hot Air Balloon,” is a melancholy, folky croon told through Falcon’s eyes. It argues that the boy really wanted to be in the hot air balloon floating thousands of feet in the air. He softly sings “This is where I want to be/ Above the world/Above the world.” We’re not buying it. As evidenced by Falcon’s appearance this morning on the Today Show, this would have made him puke.

Download MP3: Paul Holmes – “Hot Air Balloon”

After Holmes recorded the first song, the boy was discovered in the attic. It was time for Paul to pen a follow-up song.

He lends an existential air to this ditty, singing, “I broke their hearts, and now I guess / I’ll play the part, Eternally, Eternally/ Forever lost in a cardboard box.” Again, it’s told from the point of view of young Falcon, who laments being found by his mom.

Download MP3: Paul Holmes – “Cardboard Box”

So, what do you think? Was this a brilliant marketing move by an up and coming band with fewer MySpace friends than #balloonboy tagged tweets? Or are you already sick of thinking about Balloon Boy? Either way, you have to admit it’s not as good as this: