Chromeo’s 10 Best Song Picks of 2009


Chromeo know how to put together a mix. Their recent entry in the famed DJ-Kicks compilation series featured members Patrick Gemayel (P-Thugg) and David Macklovitch (Dave 1) picking their favorite “leather-pants” tracks and sex-soaked funk from from the 70s and 80s; but they’re equally attuned to the best of 2009. After the jump, check out videos and downloads of Dave 1’s favorite tracks of 2009.

On our favorites list? Chromeo’s new single “Night By Night.” A lithe, synth-driven track, it also features a monster guitar riff and a surprisingly sensitive falsetto vocal, despite the song’s macho lyrics. Is that a contradiction? “If you look at the most macho guys, they always sing in the most falsetto way. If you listen to Prince, even a song like ‘Do You Think I’m Sexy?’ by Rod Stewart, all of these leather-pants staples are also very tender,” Dave 1 explains. “You need a soft spot. Like Tupac. He was the quintessential sensitive thug, and that’s why girls liked him.”

10. Siriusmo “High Together” [Download via Never Sleep Again] Dave 1: First of all, he’s being touted as one of the next big things in electronic music. He’s a phenomenally talented producer. He remixed “Night By Night” as well, and he switched the whole song around. I don’t know how he did it.

9. Pill “Trap Goin’ Ham” Dave 1: He’s from Atlanta and it’s this smooth really, really, really grimy video where there’s crackheads everywhere and kids. That song is just a really raw depiction of ghetto stuff. It was one of the most important rap videos of the year. To me, it’s like the new Public Enemy in a way, that raises awareness and makes you want to get militant for a second. His video really did that to me and to a lot of people. So that was an important moment this year.

8. Major Laser “Pon De Floor” [Download via I Guess I’m Floating] Dave 1: That’s one of the really big songs in electronic music [right now]. You can play it in a club and it’s great that they brought in the dancehall element…And they’re buddies so, hey, I’ll big ’em up.

7. Fabolous “Throw It In The Bag” [Download via Corporate Bloggin] Dave 1: It’s for the kids. He’s good when he talks about superficial things, like shopping and girls, but he still spits.

6. Tiga “Love Don’t Dance Here Anymore” [Download] Dave 1: No one really knows this song. It’s from his album and the album went a little under the radar. It’s a 10 minute disco song and it’s just beautiful. I listened to this on repeat a lot this year.

5. DJ Chucky, “Let The Bass Kick” Dave 1: That’s one of those big-room electronic songs. When you DJ, you just play this and everyone in the club will go crazy. You can go to the bathroom, go number two, come back, and the song’s still playing and everybody’s still going crazy.

4. Gucci Mane “Wasted” [Download via Notes From A Different Kitchen] Dave 1: It’s a great song. Everybody likes that song. There’s nothing I can add to it.

3. Duck Sauce, “Anyway” [Download via L’audio blog] Dave 1: It’s a throwback to 90’s house music and it’s terrific. I guess that’s a little biased, though, because that’s the group formed by my brother [DJ A-Trak] and DJ Armand Van Helden.

FP: Are you close to your brother?

Dave 1: He lives across the street from me. We’re inseparable. I buy most of his clothing for him. He’s like, “What jacket should I wear?” I’m like, this one. That jean jacket that he’s been wearing, that’s mine. I gave that to him. I’m the best older brother.

2. Phoenix “Lisztomania” Dave 1: It’s a great song, though every time they do the song, they should cut the Strokes a check. But that’s alright, I should cut Hall and Oates a check for every song that I do.

1. Drake “Best I Ever Had” [Download via The Tape Is Not Sticky] Dave 1: It’s important that it’s not my favorite song of the year, it’s the best song of the year. The best song of the year, hands down. I don’t really do subjectivity. Everyone’s entitled to my opinion.