The Flavorpill Mixtape IV: Free Downloads From Grizzly Bear, A-Trak, and The Very Best


Exciting news: Your latest Flavorpill Mixtape has arrived. Your ears are salivating. Your fingers are ready to click ctrl + left click and “save as.” Ten essential downloads from this past week in music after the jump — all free for the taking! Take a listen, and then leave us a comment with what you think.

CANT – “Ghosts” The first track from the solo project of Grizzly Bear’s bassist/multi-instrumentalist, Chris Taylor. It’s less dense and earthy than a Grizzly Bear song, creaking with the strums of a wah-wah guitar and pattering with muffled drums. We also can now confirm that Taylor is responsible for all the “oh oo oohhs” in Grizzly Bear recordings. [Download Here] via Stereogum

LCD Soundsystem – “Bye Bye Bayou” An Alan Vega (of the 1970-80’s band, Suicide) cover song and the new LCD Soundsystem single. 7+ minutes of funky bass and us wondering, “What is a Bayou? Is it edible?” [Download Here] via Pop Tarts Suck Toasted

Memory Tapes – “Walk Me Home” A Halloween chillwave song that turns briefly into a spooky, 1970’s Middle Eastern jam. The track was made specifically an Arawa FM Halloween mixtape. [Download Here] via Arawa FM

The Very Best ft. Ezra Koenig – “Warm Heart of Africa” The song title says it all. African rhythms paired with crunching synth and joyously multilingual lyrics. Catch the band at Flavorpill’s upcoming secret Halloween party! [Download Here] via Pitchfork

Grizzly Bear ft. Victoria Legrand- “Slow Life” Stephenie Meyer gave us vampires, then werewolves, and now we have new Grizzly Bear. Beach House’s Victoria Legrand and the Griz’s Ed Droste exchange longing vocals amidst creaking drums and splashes of piano with shimmering chimes. [Download Here] via Pop Tarts Suck Toasted

Thom Yorke – “Hearing Damage” Again, for those who missed the epic Twilight soundtrack leak: New. Thom. Yorke. [Download Here] via Pop Tarts Suck Toasted

The Flaming Lips – “I Can Be a Frog” The best tune featuring Karen O making animal noises. In second place are the songs on the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack. Who knew she could do a mean gila monster impression? [Download Here] via T S U R U R A D I O

Summer Camp – “I Only Have Eyes for You” A – wouldn’t you believe it – melancholy lo-fi version of The Flamingo’s classic from seven Swedish friends. [Download Here] via Gorilla Vs. Bear

Shahs – “Pablo Picasso” Pablo Picasso in song form: Underlying, muffled beat boxing boxing joined with groovy bass and indiscernible vocals — just the way we like it. [Download Here] via Pitchfork

A-Trak – Heads Will Roll (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Remix) Pumping bass drum, rumbling undercurrent bass line, and Karen O moaning, threatening to decapitate you. Perfect. [Download Here] via We All Want Someone to Shout For