Flavorwire Exclusive: ‘Portlandia’ Tarot Cards


It’s obvious that Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein hit a nerve with Portlandia. If you live in a big city and have complained that people you call “hipsters” are taking over, only to realize that the people you’re calling hipsters actually act and look a lot like you, the show probably bears more resemblance to your life than you’d like to admit.

If you watch the show, you’ll recall skits about requesting the biography of the chicken you’re about to eat, feminist bookstores that sell vagina pillows, and putting birds on, well, everything. They’re all absurd parts of the contemporary urban experience, which is skewered just as hilariously in the new Portlandia Activity Book as it is on TV.

It includes quizzes to find out whether you’re in a cult, a list of “Notable Lunar Phases” you may not have known about, and a spirit animal Rorschach test — and it’s all great, but the tarot cards included in the book are definitely our favorite part. Below, preview a pair of them.