10 TV Events to Look Out For in March


February seemed especially bland this year, mostly due to the long, Winter Olympics-related television hiatus. Now that sports are wrapped up (no, I didn’t forget about how football took over Sundays), our DVRs will be packed once again. March is full of premieres, returning favorites, and season finales. Here are ten television events to mark down on your calendar.

March 6: Suits and Sirens Premiere on USA

USA is adding to our already-crowded Thursday-night TV schedule with the return of Suits, a clever lawyer drama. The first half of the third season ended on a cliffhanger — Mike’s secret is once again in danger of being revealed — and the rest of the season is sure to be explosive. After that comes the premiere of Sirens, a comedy about Chicago EMTs based on the British series of the same name and adapted by Denis Leary. You can already watch a preview episode on Hulu.

March 9: The Return of Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers just might be the funniest show on television, so it’s a real bummer that it tends to go on long hiatuses throughout the season. Since its Season 4 premiere back in September, there have only been 11 new episodes. The show finally returns on Sunday March 9 with a few weeks of brand new episodes starring the lovely Belcher family. Judging by the sneak peeks from the writers, the rest of the season is going to be nothing short of magical.

March 9: The Season Finale of True Detective

This season of True Detective has provided more questions than answers: Who is the Yellow King? Does Rust Cohle have any involvement in the murders? Is Maggie wonderfully complex or woefully underwritten? Who is the truest of the true detectives? Where can we get a “Big Hug” mug? Hopefully, the finale will provide us with some much-needed answers.

March 9: Cosmos Premiere

Sunday is suddenly a big day for television. Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey is a follow-up to 1980’s Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. The 13-part documentary series will be presented by Neil deGrasse Tyson (and executive produced by Seth MacFarlane), and the premiere will be broadcast across Fox networks, including Fox, FX, and Nat Geo.

March 14: Veronica Mars Movie

The most anticipated television event of the month is actually a movie. The journey from TV show to film, much like Veronica and Logan’s relationship, seemed to span years and continents, but it’s finally (almost) here. Taking place nine years after the show’s end, the movie features Veronica (who gets my vote for true detective) returning to Neptune to, once again, solve a murder. It will be released simultaneously in theaters and on demand.

March 18: Glee Hits 100 Episodes

Depending on who you ask, Glee is either as good as ever or in very rapid decline. Either way, it’s always impressive when a show hits 100 episodes, and Glee is no exception. The show will celebrate this milestone with a two-part episode (the second airs March 25) that finds old members of New Directions back at McKinley after the glee club has been disbanded. Following these episodes — and a graduation — the show will make the move to New York City for the remainder of its run.

March 26: Psych Series Finale

USA’s longest-running series (not counting WWE, of course) will air its last episode on March 26. Psych has had eight entertaining seasons — not only does the show pack its episodes with guest stars and pop culture references, but it has also experimented with an all-musical episode, an eerie Twin Peaks homage (titled “Dual Spires”), and even a remake of an earlier episode. Maybe we’ll finally learn what all those pineapples are about.

March 26: Broad City Season Finale

The first season of Broad City has been nothing short of hilarious, and has skyrocketed in our estimation to become one of Flavorwire’s must-see TV shows. Ten episodes just isn’t enough. Fortunately, Comedy Central agrees and has renewed the show for a second season. It shouldn’t be too long of a wait — the girls have postponed their live tour so they can immediately get to work on the next season — but to help fill the void, I recommend watching the web series and keeping an eye out for Hannibal Buress’ comedy special airing on March 29.

March 30: The Walking Dead Finale

It seems like just yesterday that The Walking Dead had its mid-season premiere, but the show will already air its Season 4 finale at the end of the month. The Walking Dead may be up-and-down when it comes to critical reception, but it’s a huge ratings hit for the network (its Season 4 premiere was the most-watched drama series in basic-cable history) and will surely be temporarily missed by its rabid fan base. Meanwhile, I’m just mourning the finale of Talking Dead.

March 31: How I Met Your Mother Series Finale

After an excruciatingly long wait — nine seasons, what will soon amount to 208 episodes, and countless nameless women who have inexplicably fallen for Barney’s charms — How I Met Your Mother will finally come to an end. We have already met the mother, but the series has bravely stormed on, intent on wringing out any bit of sentimentality still left. Whether or not you believe the show should have ended years ago, the series finale will probably still tug on your heartstrings.