‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: “Second Big Opening”


As promised, this week’s episode introduced the second half of the new Drag Race faces, stumbling upon the detritus of last week’s post-elimination after-party. This setting was a subtle nod to their upcoming challenge — the queens had to refashion the leftovers of a theme party pack into a high-fashion look — but also a sneak peek of drama to come. We can already anticipate a rivalry between the two groups, as this week’s crew gleefully ran into the workroom after elimination only to meet the shade-throwing eyes of the six queens left over from last week. Yikes! Loyalty runs deep, even when everyone’s your competition.

Queen All-That-Ass: Trinity K. Bonet

As the winner of the photo challenge, Trinity picked her party box first, instantly selecting the Princess option. The result was thankfully more fierce than froufrou, and she kept up with the Kardashians (including guest judge Khloe) in the booty department — which makes sense, as they’re the namesake of her middle initial.

Beard Begone: Milk

I’ve never been to a toga party before, but that’s probably because togas never look like this one. Milk took a big risk (pants) and an even bigger risk (beard). While the latter didn’t pay off, her outfit was divine, like a fashion illustration floating down the runway.

Voted Down: Courtney Act

To be fair, Australian-born Courtney Act was re-gifted the Republican party box, so her outfit looked more like a bathing suit than anything political. (We’ll chalk it up to cultural differences.) But hopefully Courtney steps up her ensemble in later competitions. There’s only so much coasting you can do on a killer body and fishy face.

Preteen Dream: Joslyn Fox

When Joslyn was assigned the Quinceañera box, she was totally giddy, but ended up going a little too far back in the ages. As in, preteen. Using just about every color in her box, she looked like a juvenile Disney Channel reject — and her dress was also just a construction disaster.

Miami Whammie: Bianca Del Rio

Bianca Del Rio’s alter ego works in a costume shop, and it shows. Her ’60s-inspired ensemble was cute and wearable, full stop, which netted her this win. That being said, she should probably take some makeup cues from…

Studio 54 Bore: Darienne Lake

Fan-selected contestant Darienne Lake mostly represented her St. Patrick’s Day theme in her sparkly green shirt, but her skirt’s ruching was inexcusably unflattering. Her Studio 54-inspired outfit just left the judges yawning for something more interesting, though her makeup was flawless. While she ended up in the bottom two, she rocked her lip sync.

Hoe-don’t: Magnolia Crawford

Magnolia Crawford got the Hoedown party box, which she pegged as a bad draw, and ultimately constructed a simple dress in a cow print. But it was half this lame look and half her defensiveness towards the judges that ultimately caused her to sashay away. The moral of the story: attitude is VERY important. Don’t forget to pack a good one with you when you compete in a drag queen competition. Because if you don’t, well, you know the answer. Moo-ve out.