Arrested Development: Back on TV and Inspiring Criminals Worldwide


It has been a good day for Arrested Development fans. First came the news that IFC has picked up the off-net rights to all 53 episodes of the series, which will start airing on Sunday and Tuesday nights starting October 25th. Then we came across this wacky story of life imitating an Arrested Development plot; a prisoner in the UK pretended to be his twin brother in order to escape from jail. In homage to this strange tale, Flavorpill staffers came up with a list of other Arrested moments we’d like to see play out in the headlines. Add to it in the comments.

1. The brawl at Klimpy’s Family Style Restaurant: Imagine if Ivana and Ivanka Trump got in a cat fight with a publicist at a T.G.I. Friday’s because they were defending Little Barron Trump’s honor. Delicious.

2. Motherboy: If a seal can really bite off someone’s hand, we’re sure that somewhere in America there’s a creepy mother/son dance akin to Motherboy, complete with an award for Cutest Couple. And we want pictures.

3. Never-nude syndrome: This seems like a subculture we’d learn about in an episode of MTV’s True Life. There’s no way Tobias is the only one showering in his cut-offs.

4. George-Michael’s bust: Imagine if someone’s dad hired a troupe of fabulous male strippers to scare his son, who was only trying to help his uncle score some pot. The New York Post would have a field day.

5. Mrs. Featherbottom from Blackstool: A man impersonates a man impersonating a cheesy Robin Williams movie to spend time with his kid — got that? Except in this version, the mother decides to press charges once his identity is revealed.