Add “Surbort” to ‘Baby’s First Alphabet Book’: Links You Need to See


In today’s news, Blue Ivy makes a (questionable) guest appearance on “Drunk in Love,” Heart of Darkness – which this correspondent keeps accidentally writing as Heart of Drankness, which sounds like something worth getting involved in – gets a makeover, and Orphan Black gets more elusive.

Ke$ha is turning over a new leaf and dropping the dollar sign in her stage name. The only symbol of the apocalypse that’s left is P!nk dropping her exclamation point. [The Gloss]

Heart of Darkness may be insanely dull and relatively racist, but at least now it has some sweet illustrations. [BrainPickings]

A video has been released of Blue Ivy singing “surfbort” during Yoncé’s Grammy rehearsal. It sounds pre-recorded, but whatever, watch the video for the novelty of it. [Vulture]

Amazon Prime is now the absolute only place you can get your Orphan Black fix. [A.V. Club]