A Sneak Peek at the John Lennon Biopic Nowhere Boy


Nowhere Boy has finally released pictures of Aaron Johnson’s depiction of a young John Lennon. The film, which is the feature directorial debut of Sam Taylor Wood, tracks the years a young John Lennon is raised by his Aunt Mimi Smith, play by Kristen Scott Thomas. Lennon is reacquainted with his biological mother, Julia (played by Ann Marie Duff), shortly before she is killed in an automobile accident in John’s late teens. John turns to music and art with a young Paul McCartney to escape the loss of his mother. The film is set for release in the UK on December 25th this year, but it will be the opening film on November 13th at the Turin Film Festival. The first stills from the set after the jump.

Young Lennon strolling the streets

Teenage John Lennon already with his ubiquitous cigarette

Lennon fiddling with his guitar, unaware of coming superstardom

A possibly forlorn Lennon, who has lost his mother and turns to music and art to escape

Julia Lennon, relaxing in the English sun.

No pictures yet of Thomas Sangster as a young Paul McCartney, but we will have them as soon as they surface.