Will ‘Divergent’ Trump ‘Twilight’?: Links You Need to See


In today’s links: Orange Is the New Black just rolled out some new promos to remind us all of what we’ve been missing, Shailene Woodley gave us a much-needed dose of feminism, and Ft. Lauderdale is basically the Seventh Circle of Hell:

Shailene Woodley took shots at fellow YA series Twilight, and rightfully so. [The Mary Sue]

Promo photos for Orange Is the New Black are finally making the rounds, giving us all something to look forward to. [Refinery29]

Did you ever wonder what we as a society did to be cursed with Spring Break? Well, now we know. [The Cut]

A real-life Dalek was found in a pond in a small town in England. No word on whether Cybermen were discovered dormant in a barn. [Geekosystem]