The 5 Funniest Parodies of the Viral “First Kiss” Video


You likely saw the “First Kiss” video somewhere this week — probably on Facebook, because everyone you know shared it. I’ve managed, so far, to avoid it, simply because I spent most of my Friday nights in middle school at the skating rink watching people I knew make out, and there’s nothing I’d rather not see than people kissing each other. Perhaps you loved it, perhaps you were annoyed when it was revealed to be a viral marketing campaign; either way, you must admit that it was a hit, which you can objectively claim based almost entirely on the very swift response from comedians across the Internet who managed to quickly put together so many parodies of it. Here’s the best of those spoofs.

“First Sniff”

Hey, at least the dogs are cute!

“First Handjob”

More Internet propaganda to suggest that anyone actually likes receiving a handjob.

“First Raspberry”

All right, now we’re getting uncomfortable.

“First Time”

Chicago’s Second City proves the obvious: fart jokes always kill.

“Första Ligget”

Is this even a parody? I don’t even know what’s happening. Scandinavians must have a more sophisticated sense of humor that I just don’t get.