7 Skateboard-Inspired Objects We Love


There are many kinds of skateboard art: The graphics featured in Sean Cliver’s recent book The Disposable Skateboard Bible; the legendary videos in Spike Jonze’s MoMA film retrospective; anything by Adam Wallacavage. And then there are the seven skateboard-inspired objets d’art after the jump. Who even knew there was such a thing as a skateboard stairs?

The Bandeck: The irony of skateboard as band-aid deserves a spot on your wall. [via today and tomorrow]

Deckstools: We can’t vouch for how comfortable they are. [via Inhabitat]

Skate Bookshelves: Because skaters like to read too. [via Skate Study House]

Spine Table: While it in no way resembles a skateboard, this renewable beauty is made from leftover frames. [via Cool Hunting]

Skateboard Chair: Nice for the patio, since the rain won’t ruin it. [via JudyKitsune]

Skateboard Stairs: The grip makes them the perfect gift for your grandmother. [via Toxel]

And finally, the Skateboard Flower: A skateboard fit for Dali. [via notcot.org]