Quote of the Day: Arianna Huffington Vanquishes Blog Weary Jon Stewart

“You lost your job? You have time to blog!”

– Arianna Huffington, telling Jon Stewart on last night’s Daily Show about one of the silver lining consequences of the recession — more blogging!

“I can’t believe that you just put a positive spin on the economic crisis,” Stewart replied during their lively yet substantial back-and-forth about the merits of blogging. Stewart gave Huffington a hard time, comparing the spread of blogs to an STD and badgering her about whether or not it is waste of people’s time. She fought back, highlighting the importance of intimate communication about all subjects, poetically claiming that blogging is like “a first draft of history” — a line that we’ll be sure to use on our parents the next time they moan about the fact that we didn’t pursue a career in medicine.

The interview is full of quips with substance, as Stewart one-on-ones usually are, but you can probably guess why we like this one so much — we’ve got our own not so tiny stake in the debate. And while we realize Huffington was just promoting her new book — The Huffington Post Guide to Blogging — we are all about a little solidarity.