Courtney Love, Airline Detective: Links You Need to See


In case you were worried about not having put in enough time on your sousaphone lessons, fear not. Mastery is all about quality, not 10,000 hours’ worth of quantity. Check out the rest of the good news in today’s links:

The new Veep trailer has everyone’s head close to the chopping block. [A.V. Club]

Malcolm Gladwell may have scores of people praising the 10,000-hour rule, but new research says his theory may be off. [Brainpickings]

It’s the 40th anniversary of Free to Be You and Me! [MentalFloss]

It’s time for Beyoncé to embrace the fact that she’s a cyborg. [NPR]

Courtney Love has found the missing Malaysia Airlines plane! [Dazed]