Flavorwire Exclusive Video: “SNL Band Audition,” Starring Aimee Mann, Andy Kindler, and DC Pierson


What does it take to land a spot as one of the anonymously jovial band members on Saturday Night Live? Well, if you believe the short below, you definitely have to perfect your most sincere fake-laugh. Musician Aimee Mann and comedian Andy Kindler play a casting director and a producer, respectively, for the long-running late-night sketch show. Watch as the pair explain to a hapless bassist (played by comedian DC Pierson) how feigning laughter on camera is integral to the job — perhaps more important than actual musical ability. After all, the band has to act as if the hypothetical host’s (for example, “Jim Belushi, God forbid”) jokes are actually funny. Check out the clip, directed by Daniel Ralston, after the jump.