Chuck Bass’s Gay Kiss and 5 Other Steamy TV Makeout Moments


So last night was the big night on Gossip Girl, the night Chuck Bass finally came to task for his obsession with wearing prints, confronted all of those gay rumors, and finally kissed a dude. That got us in the mood to reminisce about the gay kisses of yesteryear. TV gays and lesbians have come a long way since ABC killed Ellen after Ellen Degeneres made eyes at Laura Dern opening the floodgates for gay love large and small. Mr. Bass’s kiss, plus five more of our favorite moments in on-screen tongue wrestling after the jump.

Will and Jack Make Out on the Today Show When NBC censors the first ever prime time network kiss between two gay men on Along Came You, Will and Jack visit corporate HQ to protest. And when that doesn’t work, they visit the Today Show to swap spit in front of Al Roker and a crowd of shocked tourists. Voila! A gay kiss on network TV.

Sal Finally Gets Some on Mad Men A kiss so steamy it set off the fire alarms. Literally. Viewers of the hit AMC series had been waiting for this moment for a long time and, boy, was it worth it. As Sal settles into his hotel room during a routine business trip to Baltimore he’s seduced by a more-than-friendly bellboy all too eager to lend a helping hand.

Luke And Noah Lock Lips on As the World Turns Yes, it took a national campaign aimed at the producers of the long-running daytime soap to finally get these boys to share a kiss on the small screen, but it didn’t take them long to up the ante later when the two finally had sex! Now there is change we can believe in.

Michael Scott Confronts Gay Office Politics Head On While the rest of the Scranton branch watches in horror, Michael Scott — America’s favorite terrible boss — decides to single-handedly erase homophobia from the office by locking lips with Oscar just hours after outing him. Michael ended up learning that he had a gay friend, and Oscar got a three-month paid vacation and a company car out of the settlement. Win-win.

Madonna and Britney Share a Moment at the VMAs as Justin Timberlake, America, Look On in Shock Before Kanye and Taylor Swift made headlines around the world for their VMAs tryst, Madonna and Britney Spears took shocking MTV audiences to new levels when they kissed after a tribute to the Material Girl herself. Tame by today’s standards, the moment became a media sensation and one of the defining moments of Spears’ career before shaving her hair off and attacking cars with umbrellas.