13 Things We Learned About ‘Doctor Who’ Companion Karen Gillan From Her Reddit AMA


Karen Gillan, professional adorable person and recently retired Doctor Who companion, did a Reddit AMA today to promote her upcoming movie Oculus. In August, you’ll be able to see a virtually unrecognizable version of her in Marvel’s space comedy/action flick Guardians of the Galaxy, and other recent projects include ABC pilot Selfie. Her responses were short and sweet, so we put together all the Gillan trivia you need to know, from her favorite candy to who she considers the greatest redhead of all time (besides herself, of course).

1. Doctor Who actor Matt Smith eats an entire pack of chocolate biscuits with his tea every night.

2. Her ideal sandwich consists of chicken, avocado, pepper, and “bread with seeds.” (Us too, Karen. Us too.)

3. Cadbury Eggs are her favorite candy.

4. She’d like to play Lady Macbeth some day.

5. The 13-minute monologue in Oculus took her two months to get down. She considers it the hardest thing she’s ever had to learn.

6. Though she’s never been in a hot air balloon, it’s how she’d like to arrive at the altar if and when she gets married.

7. She considers Gillian Anderson “the greatest redhead there ever was.”

8. American accents are easy for her since the UK is saturated with American entertainment. She used to give her Barbies American accents.

9. “Gillan” is pronounced with a hard G.

10. Her initial feeling about getting the part of Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy is that she would be bald.

11. Jean Shrimpton is her fashion inspiration.

12. She did her own nails for Doctor Who every single day, to save the makeup staff time.

13. The binoculars from the TARDIS are her Doctor Who souvenir.