Radiohead’s Pet Artist Becomes Label CEO


As the result of a drunken Christmas night two years back, Stanley Donwood, otherwise known as the artist who has made Radiohead look so good for almost 15 years now, is launching his own label, Six Inch Records. He’ll release works from the three artist friends who he emailed “while still reeling from red wine”: Patrick Bell (who we’re having a tough time finding any information about), Max de Mara (a collaboration between Max de Wardener and Mara Carlyle), and The Joy of Living (another band we’re having trouble finding any information about).

Those who like their rather obscure music with a side of limited-edition, lovingly conceived goodness won’t be disappointed. There will be 333, numbered copies of each of the three albums released (Donwood says this is “a vague sort of homage to the vinyl album”), and they’ll come wrapped in handmade six-inch packaging created using a 1965 10″ X 15″ Heidelberg platen press.

What will this wonderment cost you? Just £6.66 — which converts to infinitely less cool $9.85. Donwood and the bands will spit the profits 50/50, which is refreshing, but our favorite part of this entire art project is the Six Inch Records Contract, which is posted on the label’s site for all the world to see. Not only does the copyright remain with the musician, there’s also a hilarious signed vouch from Donwood: “I promise not to rip off the musician and I will do my best to make this project work, even though it’s probably a really stupid idea in the first place.”

The label launches on Friday, January 30th, with a party at Sketch in London; purchase your advance tickets for £6.66 (natch) here.