Hilarious Portraits of ‘Twin Peaks’ Characters in ‘The Simpsons’ Style


The recent wave of Twin Peaks mania has gotten to the point that I’ll be happy not to hear anything more about David Lynch’s TV masterpiece for a while — but, you can always make an exception, especially when you’re looking at something as hilariously awesome as these renditions of the show’s characters as Simpsons drawings. They’re the work of a Belgian illustrator who goes by the moniker ADN, and they appear on his Tumblr Simpsonized, wherein he has made strikingly Groening-esque Simpsons mockups of True Detective‘s Rust and Marty, Macklemore, and a bunch of Belgian soccer players. Click through to check out his portraits of Agent Cooper, Gordon Cole, Sheriff Truman, and more. (There’s no Bob, but that’s probably just as well.)

The Log Lady. Image credit: ADN

Audrey Horne. Image credit: ADN

Sheriff Harry S. Truman. Image credit: ADN

Leland Palmer. Image credit: ADN

The Man from Another Place. Image credit: ADN

Gordon Cole.Image credit: ADN

Special Agent Dale Cooper. Image credit: ADN

Deputy Andy Brennan. Image credit: ADN

The Giant. Image credit: ADN

Doctor Jacoby. Image credit: ADN