Every ‘Game of Thrones�� Death, Ranked: Links You Need to See


It’s safe to say that this world needs more Rick Ross bawse living and Leighton Meester. Remember that as you venture into your weekend and allow yourself to indulge in both as often as needed.

What happens when you go out with Rick Ross on the eve of his new LP release? You talk about healthy living and meet Kanye. [PAPER]

We don’t know about anyone else, but any day that brings us a Leighton Meester-related activity is a good day. [Pop Hangover]

These life-sized cardboard cityscapes make your childhood blanket forts look like, well, child’s play. [PSFK]

So, where does Viserys “Livin’ My Life Like It’s Golden” Targaeryen rank on the list of top Game of Thrones deaths? [Nerve]

Patton Oswalt is in a new media-related tweet fight with Salon about #CancelColbert. Surprise, surprise! [UPROXX]