‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 6 Episode 6: “Oh No She Betta Don’t”


Given that RuPaul’s Drag Race is a reality show, I can never tell if the drama is manufactured or if the shade is pre-existing and then just amplified tenfold. In the case of the weird Darienne Lake and BenDeLaCreme feud of last night’s episode, I’m really not sure. But spoiler: neither of them goes home, so the point is pretty moot. Still, they’re on different teams (The Panty Hos and The Ru-Tang Clan, respectively) for the challenge, which forces the queens to write and perform their own ’90s-style rap to the tune of a new song, “Oh No She Better Don’t.”

Flow Hilarious: Bianca Del Rio

This challenge focused more on wits and personality than looks. That’s not to say that Bianca doesn’t do glamor — her outfit this week was absolutely gorgeous — but she’s also got on-the-fly sass to match. While she didn’t win, her personality is the most consistently memorable.

Can’t Be Tamed: Adore Delano

In the music video, Adore looks like the second coming of Miley Cyrus. Even though she struggles with the challenge at first, she pulls it all together in the last take, which probably won’t keep her safe forever, if one day she isn’t so clutch. But hey, it got her a win this week!

Floating Fishy: Courtney Act

Ru and the judges warn Courtney that she can’t just get by on her pretty looks… which pretty much sums it up (but keeps her in the running).

Belly Up: Darienne Lake

While Darienne didn’t get sent home tonight, buoying herself with the strongest contenders of the competition didn’t keep her from the judges’ criticism. Being a “white lady from the suburbs” (in her words) isn’t a deal-breaker, but toning down your attitude is.

Tangled Up: Laganja Estranja

For some reason, Darienne picked Laganja Estranja to be the first queen to join her rap crew. Although Laganja’s rapping isn’t the greatest, she tries really hard. Even if it seems totally awkward, at least she gives it her all, which is more than you can say for the queens in the bottom three.

Cream of the Middle: BenDeLaCreme

While BenDeLaCreme didn’t botch this challenge, she also didn’t dominate it. Like Laganja, lines were flubbed and it was kind of awkward to watch, but there was nothing too egregious about her performance.

Fly Foxy: Joslyn Fox

Surprising even the judges, Joslyn nailed the video by performing all her lines perfectly and looking so, so incredibly ’90s.

Freak-Out Flow-Day: Trinity K. Bonet

To be fair, this has been a rather intense week for Trinity. At the start of this episode, she reveals to all the girls that she is HIV-positive. It’s an emotional moment, but even after that reveal, Trinity can’t get her head in the game. During the challenge, she mumbles (obviously), but worst of all, she psychs herself out and keeps freaking out during the filming. While her graceful, show-stopping lip sync proves that she can lip sync even if she can’t rap, Trinity has been in the bottom two a lot lately. This doesn’t bode well.

Dried Up: Milk

The one thing Milk always had going for her was that she is unique. She still has that, sure. Her dance in their music video was totally Milk, loopy and wild with limbs flying every which way. But her confusing lyrics were totally off-beat, and she got sent to the lip sync where…she under-whelmed. And then got sent home.